Danny Ross


FORBES music columnist

Founder, Anti Social Producers Club


Fake Dad “John Cusack”

Talia “Running”

Healer “Waste The Day” + “Dorm Room”

Simone “Love Lessons” EP

Simone “Everything/ Nothing”

Simone “Boy Of My Dreams”

Janelle Kroll “Marie Kondo”

Simone “Kissing Strangers”

Babetown “Hey Jacques!”

Wakey!Wakey! “Together”

Wakey!Wakey! “Dont give up”

miz cracker + jujubee “eight days of you”

miz cracker “get me the f#$ out of here”

Simone “To Be Honest”

Simone “The End Of The World”

Simone “Serenade Me”

simone “london”

simone “cant get enough of you”

G.Smith “listening”

peach martine “no summer love”

peach martine “caught my eye”

kylie odetta “cry out”

kylie odetta “like, literally”

kylie odetta “like, literally acoustic”

Kylie Odetta “Character”

Beca “Calm Before the Storm”

Beca “taking time for myself”

Tatiana Owens “Somebody like you”

Julietta “Alchemist (Remix)”

Babetown EP

Babetown “1989 is Hell”

cheap synths “illuminaughty”

cheap synths “yes yes yes”

Scoring Credits

“Everyone is doing great” (hulu)


Following in the path of Jack Antonoff, Blake Mills and Ricky Reed, Danny Ross is an indie/alternative frontman turned mad scientist pop producer, mining new sounds with classic songwriting craft. Ross produced recent hit singles for TikTok star Simone (featured on New Music Friday), #1 Billboard indie band Wakey! Wakey!, RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Miz Cracker and Jujubee, R&B phenom Janelle Kroll, indie darling Healer (featured on Fresh Finds) and is collaborating with upcomers Lyn Lapid, Maty Noyes, Richie Quake, Fake Dad, Laraw and Dreamers. Ross co-scored the Hulu series ‘Everyone Is Doing Great’ and is also one-half of indie project Cheap Synths, featured in an Apple commercial and signed to Rough Trade.

Ross founded the Anti Social Producers Club (ASPC), an underground NYC music producers collective whose members have worked with artists like Beyonce, Bon Iver, John Legend and Shawn Mendes. With over 50 members, billions of streams and dozens of grammys, the collective has become an industry hub for New York writers and producers. And they’re working with partners like The Recording Academy, the NYC Mayor’s Office and She Is the Music to help bring the scene back to prominence. 

Ross also writes a music column for Forbes, which has over a million readers and was created to inspire and educate up-and-coming artists on the new music business. And he is advocating for the greater music industry as a member of the Recording Academy Production and Engineering Wing. 

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