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Danny Ross

"Danny Ross is a classicist to the core...Gorgeous...Immaculately arranged ...with enough guitar shredding to make you double-check you're still listening to the same album .... Like Ryan Adams, Ross realizes that there's no point in recreating the past note-for-note when it's more fun to smash pieces of it together in a collage... I hope this album becomes a breakaway hit."

"New York City's own piano-pounding rocker... Danny Ross has a couple of aces up his sleeve."
— The New Yorker

"It's one thing to say you sound different than everyone else. It's another thing entirely to do it without trying... You can try to lump Ross in with the likes of Ben Folds or Sufjan Stevens. Ross' falsetto and unique melodies may also remind you of the late Jeff Buckley, but that's just a point of reference because dude is clearly doing his own thing...You're going to love Ross' music."

"Think Danny Ross, and you think Brooklyn... A virtuoso artist, part sentimental pianist, part rock n'roller... One Way is a tour de force."
— Racket Magazine

Danny was also featured in New York Post Page Six, New York Daily News, Newsday, Yahoo! & Brooklyn Vegan.