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Danny Ross

Melding vintage rhythm and blues, immaculate arrangements, and energetic, sweat-drenched live performances, Danny Ross builds a sound that's completely his own in NYC. Like some refreshing hybrid of McCartney's sophisticated 60s pop, Springsteen's American rock n roll, Gram Parsons' alt-country twang, and Sam Cooke Live at the Harlem Square Club.

In his breakthrough 6 years in NYC, Danny Ross, along with his nine-piece band and horn section, played showcases at the SXSW and CMJ music festivals, opened for stars Dave Mason and Paula Cole, headlined NYCs Mercury Lounge and Rockwood Music Hall, and played their first shows in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC. They also played residencies at NYC famed venues, The Living Room and Pianos. Ross was selected as a 2011 Songwriters Hall of Fame Featured New Artist, and with over 800 unique voters, was chosen as NYC Artist of the Month by Deli Magazine. Meanwhile, his songs were placed on NBC, MTV, History Channel, E!, CNN.

Brooklyn-groomed and Long Island-bred, Ross, 28, grew up inspired by the rock and soul music of the 1960s. Discovering the Fab Four's genius as an early teen, he picked up the piano, guitar and harmonica and quickly made a name for himself locally before creating his own major -- Popular Music Composition and Performance -- at Cornell University. It was there he begun to compose the album One Way, earning Summa Cum Laude honors. Picking up to New York City, the EP Introducing Danny Ross! quickly followed.

One Way, the debut LP four years in the making was self-released in 2010 and was received with great enthusiasm by the New Yorker, American Songwriter, and CMJ. Inspired by the great conceptual albums of rock history, Ross created an ambitious thirteen-track orchestral journey of highly arranged pop songs addressing the struggles of young-adulthood. One Way marked its release with a complete performance in its entirety by a seventeen-piece band and orchestra at New York's historic St. Mark's Church. The album is available now with Radiohead-informed Pay What You Want pricing.

And yet from nine to five, Ross lives a very different life as Chief of Staff for a NY Assemblyman in Westchester County. And he credits his day-job for providing him with the organization needed to be a successful DIY artist. He's also furthering his compositional studies with Grammy-nominated composer, Ed Green, and wrote a musical staged on Broadway in June 2011.